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It's a simple process that only requires your utility bill to get started.


Does Solar work in low lighting

It's important to know that SunPower panels are proven to be the most efficient on the market—not to mention unmatched at generating power in low-light situations. A SunPower Equinox® solar solution has unique, factory-integrated microinverters in each panel. That means you'll have a system that's more intelligent, safer and even easier to maintain.

What is Panel Efficiency?

Efficiency in solar, means the panels ability to take the sunlight that hits it and turn it into usable energy for your home. SunPower is the most efficient panel available in the world. 
The SunPower M Series is the number one solar panel available on the solar market today. With a record-breaking 22.8% efficiency rating, this panel can produce more energy per square foot than any other solar panels in production. This is the perfect panel for people looking to get the most power out of their home solar array.

What is Panel Degradation?

Degradation in solar, means the panels ability to keep creating the amount of power for the life of the panel. 
SunPower is renowned for making the most efficient solar panels on the market. But what about degradation? When we say our solar panels are built to last, we mean it. Our panels are so good that they degrade less than conventional panels, meaning they can produce solid returns on your investment for many years to come. SunPower panels degrade at a median rate of 0.2% per year — 70% less than the annual degradation rate for conventional solar panels.



The SunPower warranty is a great reason to choose SunPower solar panels. We strongly believe in our equipment and have high confidence in its long-term performance and durability, backed by the industry's most comprehensive warranty. If a problem occurs, we will fix it immediately and help you get back on track. The industry-leading warranty is there to help you protect your investment; they are as invested in your success as we are.

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What Happens at the Consultation

 So, you probably have many questions about solar. That is why we are here, to answer your questions transparently and present our product in a simple and easy way to understand. There is no such thing as free solar, but our team will be there to help you understand the different programs that are available and to help you find the best option for you.

After submitting your name and address with us, our designated team will reach out to you and set the schedule/date that works best for you.

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